Online Education Platform


Our mission

DiscoverYourPathU believes every life can teach and everyone can grow.

our vision

Envision a world where authentic connection and kindness are creatively expressed in communal practice.

our values

Authenticity, Growth, Connection, Community, Spirituality, Legacy

we're here to discover

DYPU is primarily for Compassionate Career Professionals to design, develop, and improve their skills to create authentic businesses to serve the unique needs of their clients. We don't confine students to cookie-cutter skills. In fact, we highly encourage students to explore multiple modalities as they create their own unique offerings based on their passions and skills.

we're here to learn

It doesn't just stop at classes! We offer a community of fellow students and instructors for support and connection. Students can participate in live events for supervised practices, mastermind discussions and instructor-led workshops.

we're here to grow

For students looking for the ultimate learning experience, we combine all of these features into an accreditation program developed by trained professionals to truly master your craft. You will be helped through this process by your very own supervising mentor!